GTB Homes is always looking for private individuals or businesses to invest in our Property Company to allow further developments to be unlocked, we have handpicked opportunities throughout Gloucestershire and the UK that would be available for investment, there are many different types of investment opportunities available depending each circumstance, typically we offer a 10% return per year on any amount invested.

If you would like any more information on investment please contact us

A recent investor comment:

 I am a private investor and have invested in GTB Homes three times on different sites over a six-year period on a twelve-month loan to return basis, the interest rate is very favourable and a prompt repayment plus interest is made.

If you are looking for a safe and secure quick return on any capital you may have – I couldn’t recommend a better way of seeing a good return on the money that you outlay.  At the time, GTB homes were looking for a cash injection to build on their expanding property portfolio. I will certainly continue to invest with GTB Homes as the return is good and the investment is always returned safely.